Neenah PM Coldenhove


JETCOL® - The standard throughout the dye sublimation industry.

Since Neenah Coldenhove introduced it in 1998, Jetcol® has been regarded as the benchmark for the digital dye sublimation industry.

Jetcol® is a coated sublimation paper with an extremely high transfer yield – up to 97%.

Jetcol® offers a range of unique properties such as the possibility to print a wide and bright colour range, fine detail printing and, most importantly, consistent quality.

It’s this quality that allows you to achieve the same results with every print job, bringing more predictability into your production.

Neenah Coldenhove invented digital dye sublimation printing paper here at their factory in the Netherlands, and Jetcol® paper was granted a patent in 1998.


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Neenah Coldenhove Spec Sheet


Jet-X® is a 57 gsm paper which is developed for the regular water based sublimation inks as well as the sublimation inks with higher glycol content. Due to its base paper structure and unique coating Jet-X® will give you optimal colours and a perfect runnability on printer and calendar.


Xtreme® is designed for the higher glycol inks (e.g. used by Kyocera print heads). This paper can be used not only for the industrial fashion printers but also for home furnishing, signage and sportswear. The Xtreme® paper is a 66 gsm paper.


Xtreme®One is a brand new paper designed for economical production & optimum runnability on mid-range plotters for regular water based sublimation inks. Xtreme®One is a 64 gsm paper.

Jetcol® HTR1000

Jetcol® HTR1000 is the lightest paper grade in the Jetcol Original family. This paper is designed for the faster plotters with water-based sublimation inks often used by the fashion industry.

Jetcol® HTR3100

Jetcol® HTR3100 is an all-round sublimation paper. It weighs 90 gsm and is perfectly suited for mid-wide format plotters, for fashion/sports/display & rigid media printing.

Jetcol® HTR3000

Jetcol® HTR3000 is also known as the all-round sublimation paper. It weighs 95 gsm and is mainly used on the traditional plotters, to produce sports garments with ink quantity up to 300%.

Jetcol® HTR3500

Jetcol® HTR3500 was developed to solve a quality challenge, a regular occurrence in the dye sublimation industry and known under various names; “rivering”, “arching”, “treeing”.

Jetcol® HTR4000

Jetcol® HTR4000 is the best paper in the world from a stability and runnability standpoint. Jetcol® HTR4000 paper is a 140 gsm, laminated paper that will stay flat under any print condition and ink quantity.

Jetcol® High Speed

Jetcol® High Speed is uniquely Neenah Coldenhove. This sublimation transfer paper has a weight of 95 gsm and is designed to combine a fast drying time of the ink with an exceptional high transfer yield.

Jetcol® TA

Jetcol® TA (Thermal Adhesive) is a specially coated grade which ensures that the paper sticks to the textile during the sublimation process during the sublimation process, but without leaving a sticky residue on the textile.